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Mutt - Oat of This World Shampoo (Oat Milk + Aloe)

Mutt - Oat of This World Shampoo (Oat Milk + Aloe)

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from mutt : 

banish itchiness and irritation with our hypoallergenic oat and aloe shampoo! “oat of this world” is a dream come true for extremely sensitive pups. every ingredient in this inflammation-soothing shampoo is added to soothe, moisturize and shine. 8oz bottle.

✔ free of any harsh chemicals, sulfates or parabens
✔ long lasting fresh linens and rose scent
✔ gentle formula for even sensitive pups

scent profile: fresh linens with a hint of rose. 

perfect for: sensitive and easily irritated pups. the aloe and oatmeal is great for soothing hotspots and itchy skin.

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